Read Taylor Swift’s Full Jet Tracker Cease-and-Desist Letter

The complete cease-and-desist letter that lawyers representing Taylor Swift sent to the college student tracking the singer’s private jet flights has just been made public, showing the lengths to which the global superstar and TIME’s 2023 Person of the Year is willing to go to try to protect her privacy.

Swift, who earlier this week made history and courted controversy at the Grammys,…

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The True Story Behind The Woman King

General Nanisca, played by an imposing Viola Davis, rises slowly out of a bed of tall grass in the dead of night. Behind her, an entire army materializes silently out of the grass, each member poised with a weapon in hand.

When we meet them onscreen, the Agojie—a group of women warriors who fought for the kingdom of Dahomey—are inconspicuous, keeping a low profile. But in 19th…

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