Mystery of superyacht docked in Australia

Guests on Monday afternoon were tight-lipped about their day apart from a mention of the fine wines of the Barossa.

Port Lincoln may be next on the 70m yacht’s radar as guests including North Americans enjoy the SA summer.

People aboard The Felix, moored at the Port. Picture: AAP / Keryn Stevens
The Felix, a superyacht berthed in Port Adelaide. Picture: AAP / Matt Loxton

Felix has been moored at the Port for several days after cruising slowly down the east coast and spending time in Sydney and Hobart.

The Eyre Peninsula’s tourism magnets of superb seafood, pristine landscapes and wild adventures such as cage diving with great white sharks and swimming with sea lions make it an enticing destination for lifestyle travellers.

One of the superyacht’s staterooms.
One of the superyacht’s staterooms.
The Felix has its own cinema room.

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The identity of the owner of the motor yacht, once owned by French billionaire Bernard Arnault, remains unknown.

Mystery of superyacht docked in Australia

However, it is difficult to hide a vessel once valued at $100 million and long as three and a half cricket pitches, or nearly 12 times as long as Adelaide’s tiniest house at Teringie.

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